Stain protection
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stain protection
for your carpet & upholstery

Stain Protection

Jay's Carpet Cleaning can stain protect new and newly cleaned carpet and upholstery.

Once we’ve cleaned your carpet or upholstery I’m sure you’ll agree you want it to keep its “like new” look.

After our thorough clean we can apply our stain protectant to help prevent the fibres from future damage.

If you’ve bought new carpets or upholstery we can also stain protect them in your home before you use them.

Protective Coating

The stain protection is a coating we apply that doesn’t alter the texture of the fibre and acts a protective coating.

This coating gives you time to clean up any spills before the liquids penetrate the fibres and cause permanent damage.

It’s also great for helping to prevent high traffic areas from becoming dull looking and worn over time.

Professional stain protecting helping your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for longer!


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