Leather cleaning
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leather cleaning,
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Leather Cleaning

  • Has your leather sofa seen better days?

  • Has it begun to dry up and become tough?

Over time leather takes a real beating from day to day life and can even become damaged from sunlight which dries it up.

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Leather Cleaning Process

Our leather cleaning process will help remove any built up dirt and restore the natural colour.

We clean all leather by hand ensuring to cover every section of the sofa including any folds or button holes.

Before After

Protecting Leather

Once we have removed all of the dirt from your sofa we will then apply a nourishing cream to it. This will help to soften the leather to prevent it from drying up and cracking in the same way we moisturise our skin.

This protective coating will also help prevent the leather from absorbing any unwanted marks such as ink spills and hair oils.

We are your professional leather cleaning specialists.

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